Bacco Restaurant

So what does Bacco really mean, and who is the beautiful woman featured in Bacco’s logo?

Bacco is Italian for Bacchus, the mythological Roman god of food, wine, fertility and celebration. He is said to have worn a majestic fox skin whilst roaming around Italy’s cities by day, and to have celebrated by night. He travelled the country and the world to educate mere mortals about the colour, taste and true value of beautiful Italian food and wine.

However, when we dig a little deeper, we discover that the passion Bacco passed on to so many was inspired by his one true love Libera, the woman in our logo, who, during their challenged courtship, educated him about the liberation, ritual madness and the excitement that wine and food can evoke in the human spirit.

Libera was said to be able to differentiate and recognise Italian wines with her eyes closed, and the kitchen was her domain. When the pair met in Italy, it was love at first sight, and their love affair was filled with magnificent Italian food, wine and passion.

Many believe that Bacco was the most powerful god of all, as unlike so many of the other deities, he knew how to celebrate, relax, and live life to the fullest, and this was said to be the true essence of happiness.

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